‘A Very Murray Christmas’ is bittersweet and incomplete

A Very Murray Christmas has moments of sincere longing and awe but seems burdened by a story that feels cut short and incomplete. Bill Murray, playing himself, is the perfect figure to explore the bittersweet feelings that come with the holidays. His onscreen persona has transitioned over the decades from affable clown to meditative fool.… Read More ‘A Very Murray Christmas’ is bittersweet and incomplete

#Noirvember ‘The Big Combo’ (Joseph H. Lewis, 1955)

Predating the percussion based anxiety of Whiplash (2014) and Birdman (2014) by over half a century, a mid-film sequence in The Big Combo suggests the power of violence that leaves no marks. Tied to a chair, Lt. Leonard Diamond (Cornel Wilde) is tortured using sound. A hearing aid in one ear as music and voices… Read More #Noirvember ‘The Big Combo’ (Joseph H. Lewis, 1955)