Fantasia 2015


A collection of my writing on Fantasia Film Festival 2015

If you are interested in having me cover your festival, please contact me at

Interview with Jon Mikl Thor, ‘Jon Mikl Thor, the DIY Thunder God, Forever on the Edge of Valhalla

Sound on Sight
Review, ‘Sunrise‘ (Partho Sen-Gupta)
Review, ‘Tag‘ (Sion Sono)
Review, ‘The Blue Hour‘ (Anucha Boonyawatana)
Review, ‘Ludo‘ (Nikon and Q)
Review, ‘Catch me Daddy‘ (Daniel Wolfe)
Review, ‘The Hallow‘ (Corin Hardy)
Review, ‘Nina Forever‘ (Ben Blaine and Chris Blaine)
Article, ‘Festival Preview: Most anticipated films at Fantasia 2015
News, ‘Fantasia announces second wave of titles

Interview, Doug Taylor and Pascal Trottier for A Christmas Horror Story (VIDEO)
Interview, Steve Hoban & Mark Smith for A Christmas Horror Story (VIDEO)
Hosting vox-pop, Fantasia Film Festival Day 1 (VIDEO)

Present as part of ‘Wim Wagners Productions’ team at Frontieres International Co-Production Market as screenwriter

Point de vues 

Podcast, Fantasia 2015

Best Films at Fantasia 2015

tangerine mya taylor & kitana kiki rodriguez photo by sean baker & radium cheung

Tangerine (Sean Baker)


Nina Forever (Ben and Chris Blaine)
The Blue Hour (Anucha Boonyawatana)
Tag (Sion Sono)
We Are Still Here (Ted Geoghegan)

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